A family band from Męcina Mała, a small viallage in Beskid Niski, comprising the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children. The band is inspired by traditional music of their region: folk songs and dance music from Gorlice county. The music is traditionally performed “archaic style” on a violin, a basolia (a folk instrument similar to a cello) and a drum, with a great degree of freedom, joy and improvisation – it’s not just an academic reconstruction of old melodies. Kapela Maliszow also compose original music, inspired by Polish tradition and characterised by their distinctive style. Interestingly, the violin and baraban (the drum) have been in the family for generations, handed down to Jan Malisz from his father, Jozef. Jozef also taught Jan the basics of many other instruments that could be found around the house. That’s why the band called this music “Father’s notes”. Apart from making music, the band also make instruments. In his workshop, Jan Malisz builds violins, hurdy-gurdys, nyckelharpas, pipes and many others.